State Bank Anywhere - FAQ

(1st November, 2014 – 31st March, 2015)

State Bank of India announces a Cash Back scheme for its State Bank Anywhere users. State Bank Anywhere user would receive a cashback for performing specific transactions through State Bank Anywhere. Details of the Offer are given below:

Period of Offer For transactions performed between 1st November, 2014 and 31st March, 2015 through State Bank Anywhere
Cashback Offer
  • Intra-Bank/Inter-Bank/IMPS transactions of Rs. 5,000 or above are eligible for a cashback of Rs. 10.
  • The cashback would be credited to the account, from where the transaction was originated.
Type of Eligible Transactions
  • Intra-Bank Transfer (Other SBI A/c)
  • Inter-Bank Transfer (NEFT/GRPT)
  • IMPS Transfer
Maximum Cashback
  • Maximum 5 cashbacks are allowed per day per user.
  • Maximum 10 cashbacks are allowed per month per user.

Terms and Condition:

  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer from State Bank of India.
  • State Bank of India, at its discretion, can withdraw the Cash Back Scheme, before the stated expiry period without any prior notice or communication to users.
  • Terms and conditions of the Cash Back Scheme are subject to change without prior notice.

What is State Bank Anywhere?

It is State Bank of India Retail internet banking application offered on Mobile. The application is available at Google Play store, Apple App store and Blackberry App World for Android, Apple and Blackberry smartphones. SBI Retail Internet Banking Users can download the application from respective application market places and access the application with his/her internet banking username and password. The Hindi versions of the application स्टेट बैंक कहीं भी are also available in the respective market places.


What are the services available through this application?

The following services can be seamlessly experienced using the application:

Financial Transactions Non-financial transactions
Fund Transfer to accounts in SBI and other Banks to the beneficiaries already registered with/without One Time Password (OTP) M-Passbook
Credit Card (VISA) Transfer with/without One Time Password (OTP) ATM cum Debit Card hot listing
RTGS Funds Transfer Cheque Book Request
Quick Transfer using IMPS Call us
Instant Term Deposits – e-TDR/e-STDR and Recurring Deposits  
IMPS Funds Transfer  
Mobile Top-up and DTH Recharge  
Bill Pay for billers, already registered  

Other services would be introduced shortly!


What are the daily limits through this application?

Transaction Types Daily Limit
Intra-Bank, Inter-Bank Up to a cumulative of Rs.10,00,000 per user
IMPS Up to a cumulative of Rs.2,00,000 per user
Credit Card (VISA) Bill Pay 25,000/- Per Transaction (Per day Max. 50,000/-)
Quick Transfer using IMPS Up to a cumulative of Rs. 5,000 per day per user
Funds Transfer (Own Accounts) Up to a cumulative of Rs. 2,00,00,000/- per user
Instant Term Deposits – e-TDR/e-STDR
Recurring Deposits e-RD
Mobile Top-up & DTH Recharge Up to Rs. 50,000 per user
Bill Pay Up to Rs. 5,00,000 per user

Note : Presently, new beneficiaries can be added and activated only through our Internet banking ( and Funds can be transferred only to such beneficiary A/c(s).



What is m-Passbook?

M-Passbook or mobile Passbook is yet another innovative offering through State Bank of India. This is an electronic passbook, which can be used for storing and recording your transaction account activities. Transactions can be synced/ updated manually into your m-Passbook at any time of the day after logging into State Bank Anywhere. Once updated, you would be able to see your transactions in your m-passbook, stored in your device. This is an added convenience to viewing and monitoring your transactions history, without contacting Banks system/server every time for retrieving transactions.

M-Passbook is absolutely free of charge is part of State Bank Anywhere. Every SBI retail internet banking user can download State Bank Anywhere from Google Play Store and start using m-Passbook


What is m-Passbook Offline?

M-passbook Offline is a newly introduced feature in State Bank Anywhere, whereby users can view their m-Passbook transactions, offline, without the need for any network connectivity. All the m-Passbooks would be available to users (till they are synced) without the need to login into internet banking. To view m-Passbook offline, user need to enter his/her internet banking “Username” and “M-Passbook PIN”.

Create/Reset M-Passbook PIN

  • As a one-time activity, login into State Bank Anywhere application, and go to “Settings” menu at the bottom >> Create/Reset m-Passbook PIN.
  • Once created, Kindly Sync/Update your account m-Passbooks, so that you are able to view them offline, anytime, anywhere without the need for any data connectivity.

Viewing /Using M-Passbook Offline

  • The “m-Passbook” link would appear on the login page itself. User would not be required to login into internet banking account, to view m-Passbook.
  • Clicking on m-Passbook link, user is prompted to enter “username” and the 4 digit PIN created earlier and “Submit”.
  • After successful validation of the PIN locally, user is displayed the list of transaction account numbers (for which m-passbook already resides on the phone) to select.
  • Once the user selects the particular account, the m-passbook opens up in landscape mode populating all the transactions, already synced earlier.


  • In the Offline Version of m-Passbook, no “Sync” button should be provided.
  • In case, the user forgets his/her PIN, the same link can be used to create a New PIN.


How to register for State Bank Anywhere?

All the retail internet banking users registered for ( can avail this service with their username and password. New users can approach their branch to register for internet banking service.


Can I access from multiple mobile phones or only one mobile phone?

State Bank Anywhere is accessible from any mobile phone with Android (OS 2.3+) and/or IPhone (IOS 4.1+) and/or Blackberry (OS 10 and above), having internet connectivity.


What are the requirements for accessing State Bank Anywhere?

  • A smart phone with Android (OS 2.3 or above) and/or Apple (with IOS 4.1 or above) and/or Blackberry (OS 10 or above)
  • Internet connectivity like GPRS/EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi.
  • SBI Retail Internet Banking username and password.

What are the charges for availing this service?

Like our internet banking OnlineSBI, the mobile version is also free of any charges. However, the Internet usage charges payable to the Telecom Service provider will apply. Please contact your telecom operator for the internet usage charges.


Which Operating Systems and their versions are supported by State Bank Anywhere?

While it is our endeavour that State Bank Anywhere be operated on all handsets mentioned earlier, you may experience issues with some handsets which do not have the required display resolutions and form factors. Presently, our application is supported by the following versions of different operating systems:

  • Android (OS 2.3 or above)
  • Apple (OS 4.1 or above)
  • Blackberry (OS 10 or above)


How secure is State Bank Anywhere?

State Bank Anywhere is a secure and robust application. The following measures are put in place to protect our esteemed customers.

  • No personal information is stored on your mobile phone or SIM card.
  • The application force closes, if kept idle for 5 minutes.
  • The application can only be accessed after proper authentication of customer username and password.
  • SSL encryption is used to protect your communication with the Bank.
  • Your session ends as soon as you close the application.
  • Your session also closes automatically after 5 minutes of idle time.


Trouble-shooting Guide

Problem/Error Solution
I have a Dual SIM phone. Whenever, I try to login to State Bank Anywhere, I get an error “Unable to connect…Please check your device network connectivity...”
  • Kindly ensure you have a working network connectivity in either of the dual SIMs.
  • Ensure that your primary SIM (1st SIM) is enabled for network connectivity (2G or 3G). In case, it is not, kindly swap the SIMs and try logging into the application.
Application gives an error “Invalid Username and Password”.
  • Ensure you have an active SBI retail Internet banking username/User ID and password.
  • The application is currently available for State Bank of India retail internet banking customers only.
  • While Typing username and password, kindly do not use “auto-fill” or “auto-show” option. Type them manually.
  • First time SBI retail internet banking users are required to login into for the first time and create their Profile there. Once, profile is created, they would be able to login into State Bank Anywhere, thereafter.
Application Unable to download. Error - 491
  • Kindly Go to Settings on your phone >> Accounts.
  • Delete the Google Account.
  • Restart your device.
  • Add the Google Account back.
After successful completion of the above, launch the application again and login.


Please post feedback, Suggestion and queries on application pages of the application stores at the feedback section. This will to enable us to improve the service.